Global Youth Forum “Youth Rights at the Heart of Development” to be held from 4-6 December 2012 in Bali, Indonesia

13 November 2012

December 4th, ICPD Beyond 2014 brings together in Bali 900 youth leaders from around the world for the Global Youth Forum..

The aim of the conference is to bring together young people and all relevant stakeholders, under the leadership of young people, to address issues related to young people staying healthy; getting comprehensive education; transiting to decent work; to sexuality, families and rights; and leadership and meaningful youth participation and to identify concrete recommendations for achieving the rights and development goals of the International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD) beyond 2014 and for a credible United Nations development agenda beyond 2015

Through the innovative use of web and mobile technologies, before and after Bali, the Forum also aims at creating national and global platforms for sustained conversation on youth issues that enable young people to influence policy at country, regional and global levels.

Ms. Sonam Lhamo, a youth from Bhutan will be participating for the upcoming Global Youth Forum.